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red aspen excel 89h

birthdate: 1998-Feb-19 | price: CONTACT US

red aspen excel 89h

EXCEL 89H has proven himself to be a carcass leader. He is a true meat machine and his sons exemplify this trait. Aside from that, the fact that he is of full BOOT JACK RANCH pedigree (top and bottom), makes him a rare gem in the Canadian Angus Registry. EXCEL has left his mark on our herd with the daughters that he has produced for us. There are very few bulls in the industry that consistently produce females like EXCEL does. The quality of udders of these gals is second to none. EXCEL, being a full BOOT JACK genetics bull, one of the highest maternal programs in the industry and with a dam like LAKOTA 568-794, it is no surprise.

act. bw: 93| act. ww: 694| act. yw: 991|

bw: 2.0|ww: 12|yw: 22|milk: 11|tm: 17|ce: 7|rea: 0.29|