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Locally Grown Beef & Chicken

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Grassfed Beef Products, Artisanal Chickens, and Speciality Pork Products

Cornell Farms vends our products at markets in Thunder Bay, Kenora, Sioux Lookout, and Red Lake. We also have an online store for ordering with delivery to these communities on a regular basis.

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The beef products and artisanal chickens are raised at Cornell Farms. The speciality pork products are processed within the Rainy River District. These include:

  • Lean Ground Beef: 1lb and 1.5lb packages
  • Specialty Beef Sausages: Wild Rice, Hot Italian, Beef Cheese Smokie, and Beef Bratwurst
  • Beef Patties: Wild Rice, and Plain Beef
  • Beef Pies: 10" and 4"
  • Marinated Grassfed Steak: Tenderloin and Rib Eye
  • Boneless Round Beef Roasts: Stuffed with a Pork, Blue Cheese, and Cranberry Stuffing OR with a Bread, Orange Juice, and Cranberry Stuffing
  • Specialty Beef Products: Ground Heart, Beef Shanks, Oxtail, Tongue, Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, Brisket, Stew, and Smoked Beef Bones
  • All Beef Cold Meats: Cornell’s All Beef Summer Sausage with Cranberries, Pepperettes, Jerky, Kielbasa, Pepperoni Sticks, Hot and Mild Beef Stix
  • Artisanal Chickens: 3 - 7 lbs, and Chicken Feet (when available)
  • Specialty Pork Products: Bacon, Back Bacon, Peameal Bacon, and Smoked Pork Chops

Here is our 2024 price list of all the products that we sell - 2024 Cornell Farms Price List. 

Grainfed Beef Products: Naturally Wholesome, Tender and Flavourful

The addition of grain in our cattle feed, helps the cattle mature early enough to make their meat tender and flavourful. We have adapted our feeding program to reflect today’s concerns about dietary fat and, therefore do not over-fatten our cattle.

All our meat is butchered, cut and wrapped in provincially inspected facilities. Our grain-finished product is dry aged for 14 days. During this time the meat’s natural enzymes act as a tenderizer and add flavour to the meat.

Cornell Farms beef is naturally wholesome, tender and flavourful. It provides our beef customers with a consistently great dining experience every time whether it is a t-bone steak on the BBQ, or a tender juicy prime rib oven roast.

We sell our grain-finished beef two ways — side of beef and beef paks (split side) — Local Beef Sold Two Ways.

Side of Beef

A side of beef (1/2 beef) is sold by the hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the animal before it is trimmed and cut. The approximate hanging weight of a side is 275lbs. The cost is $6.00/lb cut and wrapped. Therefore the approximate cost of a side of beef is $1,650. On a 275lb side, you will take home approximately 180 pounds of actual meat. A side of beef is cut to your specifications.

To place your Side of Beef order, please fill in our Cutting Instructions Sheet and email to

Beef Pak (Split Side)

A split side of beef (1/4 beef) is precut and sold by the actual weight in the box. The approximate weight is 90 - 100lbs. The cost is $9.50/lb. Therefore, the approximate cost of a beef pak is $950. A beef pak includes the following cuts:

  • 2-3 Chuck Roasts (4 lbs/each)
  • 1-2 Cross Rib Roasts (4 lbs/each)
  • 4-5 Packages of T-Bone Steaks (2/pkg)
  • 3-4 Sirloin Steaks
  • 2-3 Round Steaks
  • 1 Round Steak Roast
  • 1 Prime Rib Roast (4 lbs)
  • 4 Rib Steaks
  • 2-3 Rump or Sirloin Tip Roasts (4 lbs/each)
  • 25-30 Packages of Lean Ground Beef (1.5 lbs/each)
  • 2 Packages of Stew Beef
  • 1 Soup Bone

To place a Beef Pak (Split Side) order, please contact us.

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