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2-Year Old Bulls for Sale

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Welcome to our 2021 Two-Year Bull line-up at Cornell Farms. We have been raising breeding stock since 1963 and believe that good management is breeding and selecting cattle that do well on feed sources grown economically here. While other breeders have focused on high performance, high input cattle, we have let our weather and soil conditions determine the development of our herd.

Profitability is more about how much you save rather than what you make. We have developed a cow herd that is deep, thick and has the capacity to use forages efficiently. We are convinced that our moderate cows wean more pounds per acre and that type of cow should make us all more profitable. To learn more about our cow herd philosophy, particularly as it relates to birth weights and calving ease, check out our females for sale page.

Come early for the best selection. We look forward to hearing from you so we can help you with your bull selection. Thanks for your support over the years. We enjoy sharing in the excitement of Agriculture with all of you!

Contact us for help with your bull selection, or view the summary sheet of all the bulls we have for sale.

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Bull Selection

At Cornell Farms, all the bulls we have for sale are sired by AI-sired bulls or home-raised herd bulls.

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