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Yearling Bulls for Sale

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Welcome to our 2019 Yearling Bull line-up at Cornell Farms. We have been raising and selling breeding stock since 1963 with a strong emphasis on building the best cow herd we could. Not only do our animals have to fit the environment here (grass only for caows), they have to get the job done in a hands-off manner. Calving ease, good feet and legs and excellent udders. Get the basics right and then select for production!

Most customers keep replacement daughters from the bulls acquired here. We have a good selection of low birth weight heifer bulls as well as some growth bulls for cows - Hereford or Red Angus - to help build replacement females.

Come early for the best selection. We look forward to hearing from you so we can help you with your bull selection. Thanks for your support over the years.

Contact us for help with your bull selection, or view the summary sheet of all the bulls we have for sale.

To learn about a particular animal, please choose from the following to learn more:

Bull Selection

At Cornell Farms, all the bulls we have for sale are sired by AI-sired bulls or home-raised herd bulls.

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