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Females for Sale

The Heart of Our Success

Cornell Farms believes that a great cowherd is at the heart of successful livestock farms. We retain bulls out of our top cow families to use ourselves. That's why the cows are so darned important to us and that’s what we want for you. Most customers keep replacement daughters from the bulls acquired here. At Cornell Farms, we have never had a c-section on a first calf heifer for too big a birth weight.

We cull off those who cannot provide us with good udders, good feet and low birth weights to help build our cowherd into a practical, productive source for bred females and herd bulls for cattle producers. Often our replacement females are sold to repeat customers. Southern Ontario and Saskatchewan are common destinations.

Recently, we read about some studies from Wyoming, Montana and Colorado that talked about the relationship between birth weights and calving ease. Here are some of the conclusions:

  • the birth weight itself influences calving ease by 65%
  • the female has 60 to 70% influence on the birth weight of her calf
  • the bull has 30 - 40% influence on the birth weight of his progeny
  • pelvic measurement and angle as well as the shape of the calf has 35 - 40% on calving ease
  • length of gestation greatly effects birth weight. A fetus can gain 1 pound per day in the last days of gestation
  • weather and temperature in the last 30 days affects the length of gestation
  • size and maturity of the cow affect calving ease

According to the research, a cow should easily give birth to a calf weighing 8% of her own body weight. Keeping this is mind, a 1200 pound cow should easily give birth to a 97 pound calf. Knowing this, we are very selective of the female genetics within our herd and buyers can take advantage of this.

Contact us to learn more about the bred females. We will have some more for sale in the fall of 2024.