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crnl 729t zircon 43z

birthdate: 2012-Mar-25 | price: NOT FOR SALE

crnl 729t zircon 43z

act. bw: 91| act. ww: 539| act. yw: 1048| act. ysc (cm): 37

drf jwr prince victor 711

th 122 711 victor 719t

kbcr 19d dominette 122

crnl 729t zircon 43z

crnl 46b kingpin 69k

crnl 69k pricesless 37p

crnl 33f hildebard 104h

bw: 0.4|ww: 46.8|yw: 72.4|milk: 15.9|tm: 39.3|ce: 6.3|rea: 0.34|

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At Cornell Farms, all the bulls we have for sale are sired by AI-sired bulls or home-raised herd bulls.

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